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Airline Reservation Interface

Forthright personnel have a long history of working with airline Computer Reservation Systems (CRS) and their interfaces to remote sites through the ALC airline networks.

Our TRANSPORT/DRIVER package has been available to select customers for years. We are now offering this established and stable environment to the broader market. To compliment the TRANSPORT/DRIVER package, we are also now adding the TERMINAL/SOCKET package.

The TRANSPORT/DRIVER software requires a 386 or better PC running DOS 3.1 or better with an Emulex DCP286i or DCP386i card (1, 2, 4 and 8-line versions available). To support network applications, we recommend Microsoft Windows for Workgroups 3.11®. Other workstations can be DOS, Win3.x, Win9x or WinNT.

The TERMINAL/SOCKET package requires the gateway and workstations to be running some TCP/IP stack. For the gateway running WFW3.11 we recommend Microsofts' TCP/IP network extensions.


(gateway software)

  • One line, One IA license
  • One line, Multiple IA license
  • Multiple line, one IA per, license
  • Multiple line, multiple IA per, license
(workstation, site license)

  • Socket Interface for the gateway
    and Single TA Workstation Terminal
  • Socket Interface for the gateway
    and Multiple TA Workstation Terminal



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